Wedding rings are, above all, a symbol of the union of two lovers. The history of the betrothal takes only a few centuries, but signs have already been formed that modern marriages follow. Beliefs say that their observance will lead to a long and happy life together.

There are many variants of wedding rings. But if you really want to surprise your favorite 3 carat diamond ring, it will be the best choice for your wedding ring. Of course, the cost of a taco product can be as high as 50k dolars. But it will be a gift for life.

Wedding rings and age-old wisdom

To understand what wedding rings should be, you can study a few signs.

Wedding rings are different

The symbol of the smooth flow of life together is a smooth ring without jewelry. You can not choose with bulging stones – they can become barriers in family life. Sinuous waves turn into complexities and unsolvable problems.

Today. Wedding rings are different. Often we can simply be struck by the imagination of the artist who created this or that ring. It can be performed:

  • from gold of various colors, including combination;
  • be inlaid with stones;
  • gold with a matte finish and diamond-cut inscriptions;
  • decorated with drawings, intricate patterns or engraved with the name.

All options are suitable for those who do not believe in signs. But are they useless?

An engagement ring is the only jewelry a couple wears all their life. They don’t take him off for the night, they go on business trips with him and go to work and holidays. In the end, without removing it, they do the cleaning in the apartment, wash the dishes, wash. There are many more options when using hands in everyday life is required.

It is very easy to leave a mark on matte gold. White gold needs to be protected from household chemicals, like stones. Even a diamond will fade from exposure to aggressive media. If all the work is done with gloves or there is a housekeeper in your house, then you can very well choose non-standard rings to your liking.

Do I need to be careful about a smooth glossy engagement ring? Undoubtedly. But there are no pores in which dirt will clog, it is easier to clean and bring to a shine. In addition, it will not interfere with your work, unless, of course, it is associated with physical labor.

Two metal in a wrap is suitable for those who like to combine different jewelry. In this case, you can buy other jewelry in different colors. And at the same time they will be in harmony with the chosen engagement ring.

How to buy engagement ring

You can not buy rings in different stores. They must be selected at one time and in one place.

Today. The engagement ring of a man and a woman can be different. But they must be made in the same style. Each jeweler, from whose hands the product came out, has its own unique style. And if you want the rings to look accordingly, then you really need to buy them in one store.

Rings may differ from each other. A woman may prefer inlaid with stones, and a man choose a smooth surface. But if the rings are made of two types of gold or have a matte or white insert, then it should be on two rings.

How to buy engagement ring

When choosing a ring according to signs, please note that you can not wear jewelry of any relative. For example, grandparents rings can only be worn if they marked their gold wedding.

Today. The long life of your grandfather with your grandmother and parents should have brought you the right attitude towards your family. It is in those families where love, loyalty and happiness live that happy children grow up. The inherited ring will keep in your heart love and a reminder of the best moments in your life. And you know that after 50 years of marriage, you can pass it on to your grandchildren.

Family traditions are the foundation, the foundation that holds the world together in the home. And the grandmother’s ring will serve as a reminder. Therefore, it is more likely not an omen, but how the human psyche works.

Before the wedding

Before the wedding, you can not brag of rings to outsiders. And in no case, engagement rings do not allow other people to measure. It is believed that anyone can pick up a good energy and give a black ring that will go to your family.

engagement rings

Today. Believe it or not believe in magic, conspiracies, different energies present in things – you decide. But a wedding is such a clean and very personal holiday, despite the abundance of guests that it is better not to take risks and act in accordance with the omen.

In addition, the envy that the ring can cause is a strong feeling. And it is not known what they will whisper about your future husband or wife. Keep a secret, live your life and build your fate.