In astrology and psychology, it’s easy to determine your character and life aspirations by the ring. Besides, besides, on which finger the ring is put on, it can be different, and this will also matter. A ring with zionite, gold with a diamond or a thin silver rim – all this also speaks of disposition, but also of status in society.

We will consider what the rings on different fingers mean from the point of view of psychology and astrology. It will be more true, because most of us believe in signs and ancient sciences. And who does not believe in them, it is also possible to find useful information for himself.

Who wears a thumb ring

The thumb goes under the auspices of Venus and Mars. Freedom-loving natures, not obeying the general rules – the thumb ring is for you. Give them a regiment of soldiers, and they will calmly lead him into the attack. A ring on the thumb will be worn by a person with great aggressive energy, who does not occupy stubbornness and emotionality. Try to prove something to such a person – you are unlikely to succeed.

They are always and in everything right, even if they are not right. For a long time, the thumb was a symbol of power. Remember the gladiatorial battles. It was he who indicated whether the conquered should live or die. And contemporaries with a thumb of the right hand show: “Everything is cool!”.

Separately, it is worth talking about the ring on the thumb, made of silver. In order not to get into trouble, pay attention – people of non-traditional orientation put such a ring on a finger.

We noticed that the ring is put on the thumb of the left hand, which means that the girl or guy has already found their happiness and are in a pair. But with the left hand everything is more interesting – a girl or a guy is in search.

Index finger ring

The finger is the second name of this finger of the right hand. They are shown something or put to their lips, forbidding conversation.  

This finger is patronized by Jupiter. The planet belongs to leaders, and people born under the signs of the planet Jupiter, most often turn to spiritual practices. Psychologists shared the meaning on which finger and on which hand a piece of jewelry is worn. They say that if the ring is on the index finger of the right hand, then the person has remarkable strength of will. It can easily manage a group of people, it can also be a spiritual person.

However, it is always easy to make a mistake if you do not know what nationality a person is in front of you. The rings on the fingers of the right and left hands have very different meanings for different peoples. For example, in Jewish families, a girl’s wedding ring is worn on the right index finger. This ring is without jewelry, smooth gold, indicating the status of a woman.

As for the left hand, then everything is not so rosy. Most often these are people – upstarts who do not obey anyone, “stars” in any world, and are selfish to the extreme. They would show off, and so that everyone would praise.

The engagement ring can also adorn this particular finger, and you can also wear the one you want to demonstrate to others.

It is interesting.The Chief Justice in the Sherlock Holmes novel wore a ring on the index finger of his right hand. And if now the divorce ring is worn on the left hand, then in the 18th century everything was the other way around – the engagement ring was worn on the left hand until the end of the 18th century.

Clubs, fraternities, secret societies. Men at all times try to become a member of an organization. A ring with a coat of arms, a sign of a football team, a sign of a winner – all of this is made of precious metal adorned with stones – they are designed for the index finger.