We have already said that depending on which finger and which hand we wear rings, we unwittingly express our attitude towards life and show others who we really are. More bias than is associated with rings can only be associated with earrings. It’s easy to get into trouble without understanding what the ring on the thumb or little finger means. Today let’s talk about the smallest finger of the hand – what does the ring on the little finger mean.

Ring on the little finger of a man

There are several interpretations of this choice. Let’s start in order.

In ancient centuries, and this is about the 17th century, the rings on the little finger were worn by the nobility. But a lot depended on the type of ring. It could be a Masonic ring or a ring of another society. Such rings were decorated with emblems, it was easy to determine the belonging of a man to a particular community.

If the coat of arms was not on the ring, then such a symbol could indicate a man – a reveler. It was the ring on the little finger that said that the man is free, but inaccessible to marriage. Simply put – he does not intend to marry. Later this meaning was adopted by gay men. And today they often in this way make it clear about their unconventional orientation.

So putting a ring on your little finger, remember what exactly it can mean in the modern world. And how others can see you. You can’t predict how a particular person will interpret the ring on your little finger.

However, the little finger belongs not only to sexual minorities. Criminal authorities also fell in love with the little finger, and prefer to wear the ring on this finger. And this applies not only to our local authorities, but also to gangsters in all countries of the world.

The fact is that the ring on the little finger is unusual. It stands out from the crowd, makes you draw attention to yourself. Astrologers believe that only absolutely extraordinary personalities who want to dominate and know how to conquer can stand out like that. Such a person can easily crush an opponent without even noticing him in his path. This person is most often a careerist. It is located somewhere in the middle of the career ladder or he has long been the leader.

If you have a competitor with a ring on your little finger, get ready to give the strongest rebuff. This person is unique, cunning and completely fearless. And the little finger ring means financial success. If it is not, then this means that a person is striving for it, and will certainly reach it. This will happen because the owner of the ring is undoubtedly stubborn, but also sets goals and stubbornly follows them.

Is this just for careerists? Of course not. Rings can be worn and worn by artists, musicians, personalities creative and extraordinary. Actors like to wear not just one, but several rings on their little fingers. For example, Oscar-winning Johnny Depp – he was repeatedly recorded by paparazzi cameras with two rings on his little finger.