If you wear rings on different fingers and do not know at all what this means, then the chance to get into various, sometimes not very pleasant situations is quite high. For example, a man trying to find his fate puts a ring on his ring finger. Wearing a ring on the ring finger to those who are in search is the most common mistake. Because the first thing a woman will look at after evaluating the general appearance is her hands, in particular the ring on her finger. The brain will work instantly, and interest in a man who has a ring on his ring finger will instantly disappear.

But the ring on the little finger of a man can mean unconventional orientation. If you wear the ring on this finger, but do not want to be rated as gay, then review all the rules for wearing the rings on the little finger .

Who wears a ring on the ring finger first

The ring finger is really considered to be the one on which the engagement ring is put on , and then the engagement ring . But as for the hand, here everything is not so transparent. It all depends on the country in which you live, and on its traditions. For example, in Ukraine, a ring is put on the right hand.

On the right hand they also wear a ring in European countries. But in America, everything is exactly the opposite. The right hand is considered a symbol of a divorced person. But the left one is closest to the heart, and the ring on the finger is a symbol of a happy long marriage.

what finger engagement ring goes on

Two rings on two ring fingers. This phenomenon is rare, but it can be said that the lord of the rings is currently in a very balanced state. He does not need anyone; he feels good without you.

Engagement and wedding ring – what is the difference

An engagement ring most often has even shapes. On the ring finger, both men and women, it bothers the least. Precisely because such a ring is put on the ring finger once and for life, there are several mandatory requirements for it:

  • if the ring is decorated with stones, then they should be recessed into metal, and not rise above it;
  • the ring on the ring finger can be worn with engraving, with the outside or inside;
  • the ring should not have protruding sharp corners;
  • can be made of white, yellow, orange gold or platinum;
  • comfortable to sit on your finger.

However, even without knowing these rules, you can easily distinguish between a man or woman’s wedding ring on a finger. Because the shape of the engagement ring has been familiar to us since childhood.

engagement ring

The woman’s ring with a stone on her ring finger is most likely engagement. This is the very ring that a beloved man gives when he makes an offer. The engagement tradition came to us not so long ago. If you look at it historically, then the roots go west, where a man with a gift of a ring showed that he can support a family and is financially secure. The more expensive such a ring he put on a girl’s finger, the higher his status and wealth.

However, when buying rings on the ring finger there is one important rule – both rings, which we talked about above, must be combined in shape, width, and appearance. The engagement ring should not be lost behind a diamond protruding from the engagement ring.

As for the man, then everything is simple to the limit. Look at his fingers – is he going to the shower with a ring? No? So, he does not have such a habit, and does not look left.

Stones in the ring on the ring finger

By color, shape and the stone itself in the ring on the finger, a psychologist will tell about your character, and an astrologer will predict fate.

So, the color of the stone. From red stones in the ring for the ring finger choose ruby, garnet, tourmaline. These are the stones of the sun, as well as the finger for which they are intended. A bright red stone looks best in yellow and red gold, so you should choose a golden ring on your ring finger.